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Civic Theatre Nelson announces New Regional Film Commission

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 3rd, 2021

The Civic Theatre and Kootenay Rockies Tourism are pleased to announce the formation of the new Kootenay Regional Film Commission.

The new film commission will design strategies and opportunities for economic development through increased capacity in film service and attraction for the region. This collaboration will create economic benefits for both the film and tourism industries.

The commission is supported through provincial funding from Creative BC, and the Province also provides funding to the partners through BC Arts Council and the Regional Destination Marketing Organization.

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in our ability to expand and grow the film

sector in a way that we have not seen to this point,” said Kathy Cooper, CEO Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association.

“We believe the growth of the film industry in our region will strongly contribute to raising the profile of the Kootenay Rockies as a prime tourism destination on the world stage.”

The new Kootenay Regional Film Commission will:

  • be the first point of contact for all Kootenay region film-related issues and activities, as one of the eight regional film commissions collaborating with the provincial film commission at Creative BC;
  • market activities for production attraction to the region, in collaboration with tourism strategies and activities; and
  • develop regional film resources including the locations library, crew and supply company database, and filming activity reporting and tracking.

The Kootenay Regional Film Commission is a partnership between The Civic Theatre and Kootenay Rockies Tourism. These two organizations bring knowledge, expertise and capacity in the fields of tourism and destination management, economic development, film presentation and production, community program and service provision, and respective local, national and international networks in their fields. This partnership offers full regional coverage, facilitating cohesive communication and ease of logistics for production across a large, low-density area of British Columbia.

Interested applicants for the Kootenay Film Commissioner position, may find more information on the role and how to apply at this link:

“The Civic Theatre is committed to bolstering the local film economy, attracting productions and creating jobs for people in the Kootenays. Our beloved venue, staff and a growing network of 400+ screen-based industry professionals will combine with the resources and expertise of Kootenay Rockies Tourism and the provincial film commission at Creative BC toward success,” said Lynn Trinh, Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Program Manager, The Civic Theatre.

“We look forward to advancing the film industry and screen-based production within the Kootenay region, in a fashion that respects the integrity and unique cultural identity of our region.”

The Kootenays have been home to many films and now this partnership between The Civic Theatre and Kootenay Rockies Tourism will grow this industry. — Photo courtesy Jake Dyson

Since the official launch of The Civic Theatre’s Kootenay Screen-Based Industry program in 2016, there has been growing interest from regional stakeholders to proactively increase regional capacity to provide film commission services, to market the region to outside producers and production companies, and to further develop the local Kootenay screen-based industry.

The Civic Theatre and Kootenay Rockies Tourism are strong partners with history in the region as established and trusted resources that value teamwork, inclusive practices, and innovation.

Whereas Kootenay Rockies Tourism brings an established and professional tourism network to leverage marketing of the region for film, The Civic Theatre brings a growing and recognized local crew base network formed to provide resources to productions.

Together, the partners have a strong understanding of regional identity, culture and offerings to productions.

“The film industry in B.C. is red hot right now and producers are looking to every corner of our beautiful province for desirable filming locations,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “Through Creative BC, our government is proud to support regional partners joining together to grow their presence in the film industry.

"This new commission will bring jobs to the Kootenays and showcase this breathtaking part of our province.”

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