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HOMECOMING 2020 at Capitol Theatre

By Contributor
January 25th, 2021

Like most performing artists, Hiromoto Ida has been absent from the stage for almost a year.

It would appear from the outside that he may have set this part of his persona aside until an easier time to perform but, also like most artists, he has used the solitude and the restrictions on collaboration provided by the pandemic as food for creation.

Supported by “Made in BC Dance on Tour” through the Vancouver Foundation Digital Projects Fund, Ida has produced a solo dance piece called, “Homecoming 2020”, that is a love letter to his mother, an exploration of belonging and a manifestation of the nature of cycle.

“It was a challenge to make something all on my own,” he says referring to his accomplishment of not only creating the dance but also the beautifully imaginative soundtrack to the movement, “but it was also the way I was able to make something both incredibly personal and at the same time something with universal themes.”

He has given life to a deeply soulful solo show. He has honed and practiced it. He is ready to perform at the Capitol Theatre on Feb. 12th. And, with the update on provincial restrictions due on Feb. 6th, he realizes that he will need to remain flexible.

“It was sometimes hard to realize while I was creating this that I didn’t know if this performance will happen or not,” says Ida.

“Now, I don’t know if it will be for live audience or not.

But when I think about it, this piece has meaning for me. If Covid didn’t happen, would Imhave made this show? I’m so happy to be able to make this. I’m thankful for the whole process.”

Ida is also aware of the bright side of the potential of streaming, “Maybe my friends and family all over the world can see my show.”

Ida was named Nelson’s Official Cultural Ambassador in 2012 and this presentation is part of the Capitol Theatre’s innovative season of programming which includes a series of performances by several who hold that title appropriately named, THE AMBASSADORS.

“Homecoming 2020” will be performed at the Capitol Theatre on Friday, Feb. 12th at 7:30 pm either for an audience of 50 or streamed –To be determined by PHO update.

Tickets are available at the Capitol Theatre box office (opening hours noon – 2pm 250-354-6363) or online at

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