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Letter: Voter Going Green

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 18th, 2020

To the Editor:

Imagine it’s October, 2030. That special four year old in your life will be fourteen. Will the skies be filled with smoke? Will there still be caribou? Will Kootenays communities have drinkable water? 

What kind of a life will children be inheriting? And what are you willing to do to ensure that they have a future that is clean, healthy and caring?

At this critical time your vote has power.

Generally I vote either NDP or Green. But it frightens me that water, air and forests have been treated as though they’re irrelevant by the BC NDP.

An example is forestry in our province. Our dwindling old growth trees continue to be clearcut. Drinking water and endangered species are considered expendable; landslides inevitable. Clearcutting in the watersheds that provide drinking water for Glade and Balfour is a slap in the face. Which Kootenays community will be next?

And what about LNG? Fracking depletes our fresh water and pollutes our air. Their fugitive emissions aren’t even being measured. It’s as dirty as coal, yet the BC NDP wastes a billion dollars on subsidies and tax breaks for this fossil of an industry.

To make LNG look green, the BC NDP has continued with the Site C Dam. Never mind that it’s highly unstable, built on some of the best agricultural land in the province, and destroys wildlife corridors. Or the billions in cost overruns.

Imagine instead the green energy projects we could fund with the kind of money being wasted on LNG and Site C.

We need a Party that understands the value of the land, air and water that we depend on for our lives. We can build a sustainable economy and caring communities.

And we’ll have plenty of jobs working in green energy, retrofitting homes, restoring our lands and rebuilding our tattered social safety net.

If you’re in the Nelson-Creston riding, your Green candidate is Nicole Charlwood. She’s got my vote.

I hope you’ll consider the future carefully, and vote accordingly.


Diana van Eyk, Nelson, BC

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