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Letter: Speak up for sustainable future

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
July 16th, 2020

To The Editor:

The BC government is asking for public input on how to set priorities for our province over the coming months. At the core of the discussion is how the $1.5 billion Economic Recovery Fund will be spent, as well as plans for next year’s budget.

Wildsight encourages all to fill out the government survey and participate in the upcoming Kootenay virtual town hall meeting on July 14th to advocate for a recovery that builds sustainability across our province.

BC needs to ensure the environment and climate change are top priorities moving forward. Without a clean and safe environment, we can’t have thriving communities. We must conserve and restore the ecosystems that support our health and economy, and recognize that biodiversity is crucial to keep them functioning.

Protecting our climate and natural places can create new jobs and improve life in our region. Organic agriculture, flood prevention, watershed restoration, building retrofits, energy-efficient housing, bike lanes, staffing our provincial parks, and greening local businesses are all job creation opportunities that can be implemented at a local level. 

Recovery funds must also focus on bringing back our small businesses and creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs. If corporations receive any aid, it should be with strong strings attached. They should disclose their climate impacts and improve (not reduce) their social and environmental standards.

Now is the time to make certain our public money is spent in building a better future for all living things. BC needs healthier communities, thriving ecosystems and a prosperous green economy.

Speak up for a sustainable future. 

Fill out the government survey and register for the Kootenay town hall here:

Jessica Fong, Wildsight



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