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'Found-art magician' Evelyn Posgate now showing at Nelson Library

By Contributor
November 12th, 2019

Multimedia assemblages that evoke strange tales grace the walls at the Nelson Public Library this fall in an exhibition of work by found-object magician Evelyn Posgate.

The 12 pieces incorporate vintage game pieces, doll parts, miscellaneous hardware and elements from the natural world to create compelling visual narratives.

Posgate’s artistic inventiveness may well have been influenced by her father, a successful inventor. She was fascinated by his collection of boxes and jars filled with unusual and unknown objects and his array of ‘mystery’ tools. She also cultivated a deep relationship with nature as her mother gave her endless opportunities to explore the world outside.

Now, Posgate is a self-taught artist whose journey began with 15 years of marketing at festivals. It was not until 1998, when Evelyn became a permanent resident of the Kootenays, that she began to focus more on one-of-a-kind jewellry, eventually branching out to sculptural works, assemblage art, and collage.

“Once the imagination is triggered, infinite possibility becomes the way of the mind,” Posgate says. “The old and the grey, the used and the worn, the forgotten and the remembered, becomes something unexpected, bridging the conceptual realm to the physical world.”

Her work, Posgate says, is “an attempt to transform the ordinary and the discarded, to give new life to that which has been deemed no longer useful, and to trigger the imagination into deeper whimsical places.”

The majority of the exhibition can be found in the library’s main floor lounge area. One piece, “The Lightning Bolt Express”, can be found chugging across a windowsill in the Children’s library downstairs.

The show continues until the end of December.


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