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Kootenay Co-op Radio kicks off season with 10 new shows

By Contributor
September 26th, 2019

Kootenay Co-op Radio is pleased to announce they are heading into their 20th year of community-powered radio with over 10 new shows.

Every 6 months, the station puts the call out to the community looking for individuals that have an interest in creating decisively local radio content. Kootenay Co-op Radio offers the training & support these folks need to host and produce their own radio shows. The new programmers are teamed up with long-time programmer mentors, many who have years of creating award-winning radio under their belts. The new shows consist of both spoken word and mostly music shows.

Tune in to hear KCR’s new season of new and old favourite shows starting on Tuesday, October 8th.

Kootenay Co-op Radio is also seeking volunteers to serve on their 2019/20 board, starting in November. After 20 years on air, KCR is at a critical juncture. Compared to 1999, there are dozens of media options for the public’s eyes and ears and so KCR is looking for directors who can help steer this invaluable community radio resource into the future, in a crowded, competitive media landscape.

Kootenay Co-op Radio is a co-operative, not a corporation. They are intensely local. And they are unapologetically eclectic, just like the Kootenays.

As a member of the board, you will be working with lively, creative, interesting people who care about their community. To learn more about becoming a KCR director, send them an email to As KCR’s Board Chair Jeff Flood says, “Hey, it’s radio. We’re all ears.”

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