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Knowledge Network Brings World Premiere of Only in Nelson to Hometown

By Contributor
September 26th, 2019

British Columbia’s Knowledge Network is hosting the world premiere of local filmmaker Amy Bohigian’s documentary Only in Nelson on Wednesday, October 2nd and Thursday, October 3rd at the Civic Theatre.

“We are delighted to again be partnering with Amy, this time on her first feature-length documentary with Knolwedge Network. She is not only talented, hard-working and resourceful but a sincere pleasure to work with as well,” said Rudy Buttignol, President and CEO of Knowledge Network Corporation.

“Amy’s first film with Knowledge was Dreamers and Dissidents, a lovely collection of short stories about the people and history of the Kootenays. It was the winner of our province-wide workshop/competition that we had organized in Nelson a few years earlier.  And now we look forward to the local community’s reaction when we return for the world premiere of Amy’s new documentary, Only in Nelson.”

“Knowledge Network is widely regarded as a world-class broadcaster so it’s such an honour to have them back to Nelson to host the premiere,” comments Bohigian. I have been fortunate to be living proof of their commitment to fostering filmmakers and telling stories from across our province.”

The back-drop for the documentary is the 2018 civic election. Nelson has been a mountain town refuge for free spirits looking to create a funky utopia for generations. As the election heats up, the bohemian bubble bursts when one man murders another on the main street over a panhandling spot. This prompts Bubbles the Clown to run for Mayor as she stumps for the marginalized citizens of Nelson.

The former three term conservative Mayor seeks to reclaim the mayor’s chair from the incumbent who is known for her progressive social platform. The film follows an eclectic group of candidates along the campaign trail as they seek to win the votes of the hyper-engaged citizens whose town is in crisis over how to move forward amidst the wave of global populism encroaching on their counter-culture haven.

Within public forums and behind closed doors, both candidates and city residents colour the controversies and issues that define the current social and political climate of Nelson, laying bare the democratic process of a city grappling with and recreating its own sense of identity.

Tickets for Only in Nelson screenings are free to the public and available at the Civic Theatre website at Doors open at 6:30pm for the 7pm shows. Find more information about the film at

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