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School District in damage control after students given explicit sex guide

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 28th, 2019

Kootenay Lake School District is in damage control after elementary students in the Creston school were exposed to an explicit sex guide during a sex education class taught by a public health nurse and trainee.

The incident happened on June 20th when copies of a 47-page book, that was intended to be used by adults, was taken home by students according to the district.

The school quickly received complaints from various parents.

Kootenay Lake superintendent Christine Perkins, the principal of Erickson Elementary in Creston as well as the public health nurse all issued apologies to parents. Perkins told news media the content is quite graphic was shocked.

The material, produced by a Toronto group called CATIE —The Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange — contained graphic images, including a bondage picture between cartoon animals.

The booklet, containing information about sexually transmitted diseases and drug use during sex, was distributed to students in Grades 6 and 7 after a session on sexual health.

Kootenay Lake School District said all parents were contacted by a school psychologist and offered counselling.

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