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Kootenay Lake School District announces staffing changes

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March 25th, 2019

When students return to school folllowing Spring Break, there may be a few new faces in the hallways after Kootenay Lake School District announced a few staffing changes.

Here are some of those changes:

  • The District will see the gradual return to work (GRTW) return to Blewett Elementary of Principal Mary Ann Gaschnitz. Welcome back.
  • Acting Principal, Lindsay Mackay will join the Innovative Learning Team and take on the Early Learning portfolio until the end of the school year and then return to her classroom in the fall.

Staffing for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Director of Human Resources, Deanna Holitzki – will become Director of Instruction. Portfolio will include: Inclusion, DESK/Homelinks/MyEd, and Aboriginal Education.
  • Director of Inclusion, Ben Eaton – will become Director of Instruction.  Portfolio will include: Innovative Learning, SafeSchools, Critical Incident Response Team, and International Education.
  • Director of Innovative Learning, Lorri Fehr – will return to the District in September and become Director of Instruction: Human Resources.
  • Acting Director of Innovative Learning Services, Naomi Ross – will return to her position as District Principal of Innovative Learning.
  • Acting Principal Paul Luck will become Principal of Trafalgar Middle School.
  • Acting Vice-Principal Dawn Snell will become Vice-Principal of Trafalgar Middle School.
  • Principal of Salmo Elementary Jann Schmidt will become Principal of both Salmo Elementary and Salmo Secondary school.
  • Acting Vice-Principal Misty Terpstra will become Vice-Principal of Salmo Secondary. Misty is part of our Aspiring Leaders program.
  • Acting Vice-Principal Jen Kooznetsoff will become Vice-Principal of Salmo Elementary School.  Jen is part of our Aspiring Leaders program.
  • Acting Vice-Principal Ron Sherman will become Vice-Principal of LV Rogers.
  • Acting Principal Monica Doyle will become Principal of South Nelson.

Postings are out for:

Manager of International Relations due to retirement of District Principal, Sandy Prentice.  The District would like to thank Sandy for all her years of service and congratulate on her retirement.

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