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ICBC adds more estimators in response to higher claims costs

By Contributor
June 15th, 2018

ICBC has hired 43 new estimators in response to the increase in vehicle claims costs, and to enhance oversight of autobody repair costs, as government works to bring ICBC back to financial stability.

The new hires, brought on since February 2018, are the first estimator trainee group to be engaged with a full training program since 2002. They join a complement that now numbers 250 estimators. ICBC plans to hire 17 more estimators this year.

“We understand that British Columbians needing auto repair work have concerns about possible overbilling, and the impact this has on insurance costs. That’s why I directed ICBC to increase the number of estimators on the front lines,” said David Eby, Attorney General. “These new hires will provide more guidance and support to body shops, increase governance of ICBC’s material-damage programs, and help strengthen ICBC’s relationships with industry.”

Due to the growth in the number of estimators over the last 18 months, ICBC has completed 2,800 more site visits of collision repair shops than the previous fiscal year. That amounts to a 38.5% year-over-year increase in shop visits. Turnaround times for estimator responses have also reduced, with the goal of even greater reductions, so that customers can get their vehicles back quicker.

As part of the suite of actions government is taking to keep insurance rates affordable for B.C. drivers, ICBC is working with collision repair shops and industry associations on changes that will modernize the current tiering of auto-body suppliers. The redesign of these programs will help improve efficiencies, improve program governance and ensure customers continue to receive the highest standards of vehicle repairs at the best market value.

Quick Facts:

  • ICBC has hired 115 estimators between December 2016 and June 2018, adding new positions and replacing those lost to attrition.
  • These 43 new hires represent 20 net new positions, and the filling of 23 vacancies.
  • ICBC is currently recruiting material-damage estimators in Fort St. John and Prince George:

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