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Letter: Pizza and Electoral Reform

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
May 14th, 2018

To The Editor:

I was once at a rather large house party, when the collective hunger cried for pizza. 

The host graciously took pencil and paper to survey the guests on their pizza preferences.  It turned out that 30 percent wanted salami and cheese, 25 percent veggie, 25 percent spinach and feta with 20 percent asking for Hawaiian. 

At a glance, the host announced that salami and cheese was the majority choice and would phone in the order. Someone called out: Why not get a mixed pizza – some of each.  Through the din, someone else commented: Yah! That’s what I call proportional representation. 

Many did not make the connection; but were pleased when their choice arrived with the order. 

Everyone had pizza.  It was interesting to see how collaboration had lead to more people having their choice be part of the decision. 

Yum –yum!


Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC

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