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Heat map shows Nelson residents how to save energy

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 28th, 2018

It’s an opportunity to find just how energy efficient individual homes are in Nelson.

Nelson Hydro’s EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program is launching The Great Escape heat mapping pilot project — a chance for Nelson Hydro customers to find out the energy efficiency of their homes on a heat loss map and to stop heat from escaping.

An information session on The Great Escape heat mapping pilot project has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 6 at the Adventure Hotel for the public to get a first-hand look at the program.

Nelson Hydro staff were joined by Mayor Deb Kozak in Council Chambers Monday afternoon to launch the program.

“The City of Nelson is doing a tremendous job through this initiative to provide people with a clear picture of where their home is losing heat,” said Carol Suhan, Manager, Conservation & Energy Management for FortisBC.

“This is a valuable tool that will help us direct people to the right rebates and services for their home’s needs — we encourage people to come talk to us at the June 6 information session.”

EcoSave has worked with MyHEAT, based out of Alberta, to map the populated areas within the Nelson Hydro service area. Nelson Hydro customers are invited to check out their homes at

The technology uses detailed nighttime thermal images from an aircraft to map building heat loss, which establishes where energy is escaping from buildings.

The MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss, and then take the next steps to increase efficiency, reduce consumption and save money by registering with the EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program.

Since 2012, the EcoSave Program has helped many residents learn what upgrades to do in their homes to save energy and money.

“You can save up to 30 per cent or more by upgrading items such as insulation, space and water heating, doors and windows, plus draft proofing your home,” said Carmen Proctor, EcoSave Program Manager.

Nelson Hydro customers are invited to attend an information session on Wednesday, June 6. At the event experts will discuss topics such as:

  • how to sign up for an energy evaluation and access low interest financing that is repaid on your Nelson Hydro bill
  • how to interpret the HEAT map so you determine the best way to improve the comfort of your home while reducing energy use

There will also be rebate information provided by FortisBC, local contractors and information from a Certified Energy Advisor who can address how much energy your home is using and how much less it would use if you were to complete the recommended upgrades.

There will be refreshments and door prizes available at the Adventure Hotel event. Admission is free, and the event is kid friendly. This platform will be available for free for one year, and energy evaluations will be 50 per cent off for a limited time.

“Nelson Hydro’s EcoSave Program continues to keep the City of Nelson on the leading edge when it comes to innovation and progress towards becoming a more sustainable community,” said Nelson Mayor Deb Kozak.

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