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Dale Shudra tosses hat in ring for Kootenay Columbia Conservative nomination

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
February 22nd, 2018

With the next Federal Election less than two years away, Dale Shudra of Radium has announced he is seeking the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for the riding of Kootenay Columbia. 

Shudra, who needs approval by the Conservative Party and claim the nomination of Kootenay Columbia, will try to unseat incumbent NDP Wayne Stetski as MP for the BC Interior riding.

Stetski staged a dramatic eleventh hour rally during the last Federal Election, edging David Wilks a just under 300 votes.

“I did not plan to run again but feel compelled and excited to enter the contest this time around,” said Shudra, who dropped out of the nomination contest in 2011 due to a death to a close family member.

“These are difficult times and good, competent people need to step up and lead.  While being an effective Member of Parliament has its challenges, it presents unique opportunities to significantly benefit our communities and country.”

Shudra resides in Radium with his wife.

His education includes graduating with law (LLB) and business (MBA) degrees.  Shudra has extensive business/entrepreneurial and legal experience in diverse areas including natural resources, real estate, finance and manufacturing.  

Shudra said in a media release he believes that his background, knowledge, analytical skills and strong work ethic will translate into a much-needed political presence for Kootenay Columbia.

“That despite social issues getting most of the press, citizens want governments that are fiscally responsible while pursuing social agendas,” he said.

“Missteps have led us down a troubling path and we need to regain our status as a preferred country to do business with and invest in.”

“Some of the current governments are spending more effort apologizing for our resource industries rather than promoting and supporting their responsible development,” Shudra adds. “We will continue to pay an economic price if this is not corrected.”

Shudra is a compassionate community leader who coached minor sports for many seasons, served three times as a Rotary president and sits on various boards and advisory committees. 

He said his political activities include serving on both federal and provincial riding association boards.  

In 2017 Shudra was president of his local riding association where the candidate was successfully elected MLA.  The result convinced him that the Conservatives can win back Kootenay Columbia with similar hard work, a team effort and a good candidate.

“I plan to be that capable Conservative candidate, who gets elected and makes a needed difference,” Shudra said.

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