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Study searches for people with narcolepsy

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October 29th, 2017

Individuals with narcolepsy are invited to participate in an ongoing medication research study.

Okanagan Clinical Trials, a medical research company located in Kelowna, is currently conducting a study to determine the effectiveness of an investigational medication in treating excessive daytime sleepiness in type 1 and 2 narcolepsy.  

“Narcolepsy often takes years to recognize and is often misdiagnosed.  It is estimated that only 25% people who have narcolepsy have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment.  Narcolepsy affects an estimated 3 million people worldwide”, said Dr. Paul Latimer, psychiatrist and principal investigator for Okanagan Clinical Trials.

Narcolepsy can be difficult to diagnose because some of its symptoms, such as fatigue, are common to many conditions. Narcolepsy is diagnosed through a sleep study, a set of medical tests including an overnight polysomnogram which will be performed at the Kelowna Sleep Clinic.  A sleep study is necessary to rule out sleep apnea and other possible sleep disorders that could contribute to excessive daytime sleepiness.

A total of 264 patients will participate in this clinical study worldwide.  Okanagan Clinical Trials was selected to participate because of its proven track record in conducting clinical trials since 1992.  Eligible volunteers for this study will be men and women above the age of 16 who have documented evidence of a diagnosis of narcolepsy.  Volunteers meeting these and other criteria will be asked to undergo a screening visit to determine eligibility.

The duration of the study is approximately 17 weeks and participants are seen 9 times at Okanagan Clinical Trials and 2 times at the Okanagan Sleep Clinic.  Patients will receive study medication and must be willing to comply with the requirement to remain in bed for a minimum of 6 hours after taking the study drug.  All office visits and medical evaluations related to this study will be provided to participants at no charge.  Participants may also be reimbursed for their travel and other incidental expenses. 

Okanagan Clinical Trials can be reached at 250-862-8141.

More information is available on our Web site at


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