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Letter: Voting in support of our children and grandchildren

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
April 27th, 2017

To The Editor:

This is the NDP’s election to lose provincially.

However, according to a Mainstreet poll, more voters in the Interior would prefer to have the Green Party hold the balance of power in the BC legislature than elect an NDP majority government. So who do we vote for in Nelson-Creston? I like Tanya Wall, based on my experience of working with her as a Creston Councillor and as Regional District Area B Alternate Director, but she is running for the wrong party?

I was a New Democrat in 1993 when Premier Mike Harcourt started the flawed environmental assessment process on a ski resort that eventually lead to creation of Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality in 2013. I continue to be haunted by the fact that between the Socreds leaving office in 1991 and the NDP leaving office in 2001, BC public debt doubled from $19 billion to nearly $40.

In sixteen years under the BC Liberals, public debt has climbed to $79 billion – debt load for BC Hydro alone jumping to $18 billion in 2017. BC Liberals have balanced their budgets by wracking up huge crown corporation debt. So I worry when Opposition leader John Horgan proposes to ask the BC Utilities Commission for final consideration on Site C, instead of ending this fiscally irresponsible project the day he is elected.

I support Kim Charlesworth (despite personal differences with the leadership of the Party) because the Green platform has the only fully costed, comprehensive approach to rebuilding our economy without fossil fuels, while tackling poverty, and improving education, health and social programs.

The only strategic vote in this election that makes sense for our children and grandchildren is to vote Green. Kim has the knowledge and experience and will represent us well as our MLA.

Andy Shadrack, Kaslo BC

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