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Flight to Freedom: Nelson Friends of Refugees.

By Contributor
December 15th, 2016

Flight to Freedom is a fundraising initiative put on by the Nelson Friends of Refugees to help offset the flight costs incurred.

Canada is one of only three countries that not only charges refugees for their flights but also charges them interest on the loans needed to pay for these flights. In our view this works against the objective of Canada’s refugee program — which is simply to save the lives of the most vulnerable.

Our hope, in putting on this fundraiser is that these young men can start their lives in Canada debt free.

In the last few weeks, Nelson Friends of Refugee volunteers went into classes at South Nelson and the Wildflower program at Central School. The group played games with the children, the guys themselves came in and put on slide shows and answered questions. On the third day, the group made crafts of small wooden airplanes, each representing the “Flight to Freedom” the guys had to take to reach Canada.

These planes will be sold to help pay down the debt to the government.

Nelson is a small town with a big heart, we are so lucky to be able to share the safety and security found here.

To find the airplanes on sale, go to the Christmas tree lot across from the Hume School (323 Nelson Ave.) or look for Nelson Friends of Refugees on Facebook.

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