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BC Lung Association offers a chance to quit smoking for cash

By Contributor
December 20th, 2016

Take a breather in the New Year by trying to quit smoking a try, and win $250 cash!
Tuesday, January 3, the BC Lung Association is challenging ‘wannabe’ quitters to take a breather and quit smoking for 24 hours.
They’re also offering a $250 cash prize as an extra incentive (the winner will be randomly drawn).
There’s no catch. The BC Lung Association simply wants as many British Columbians to quit smoking as possible, and they know that while most smokers want to quit, it can still be difficult finding the motivation to finally go for it.
That’s what the BC Lung Association’s Tobacco Free Tuesdays challenge is all about: the extra nudge needed to turn a plan into action, and a whole new smoke-free life!
Held on the first Tuesday of every month, the monthly quit and win contest is hosted at – home to a range of free quit smoking support services funded by the Ministry of Health and managed by the BC Lung Association.
“We encourage everyone who is thinking of quitting, trying to stay quit, and wanting to help others quit, to get involved or spread the word,” said Michael Jessen, BC Lung Association Volunteer Director for the Nelson area.
How easy is it?  Well for people trying to overcome addiction to nicotine, not very. But it can be done.
“Quitting smoking can be challenging because of the addictive properties of nicotine – which is as addictive as heroin or cocaine,” said says Jack Boomer, BC Lung Association Director for QuitNow.

“Most people who smoke, and want to quit, will try multiple times before they stay quit for good. That’s normal. We want to help people keep on trying because if they do, they’ll ultimately succeed. British Columbians can take the Tobacco Free Tuesday challenge every month and for as long as it takes”.
“Our ultimate goal is to motivate British Columbians to get on the road to a healthier life and gain the confidence they need to quit smoking for good,” continued Boomer. “By employing freely available quit smoking tools and support, wannabe quitters can double their chances of success.”
QuitNow offers quit smoking tools and support  free of charge to all British Columbians.  And together with free nicotine patches, gum and prescription quit medications available through the BC government’s smoking cessation program (call 8-1-1 for details), help to quit options offer something for everyone.
So attention all you wannabe ex-tobacco users! Air out your exercise shoes, stock up on quit survival supplies (mints, water, nicotine gum or patches to name a few) and give Tobacco Free Tuesdays a try. Take a ‘QUITcation’ this January 3rd, 2017. You’ve nothing to lose and a healthier life to gain. and the Tobacco Free Tuesdays challenge is managed by the BC Lung Association.
Photo caption: Michael Jessen, BC Lung Association Volunteer Director with QuitNow’s Louise Mott encourages Nelson citizens who smoke to commit to quit for 24 hours for a chance to win $250 cash.

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