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Let's everyone have fun and be safe on Halloween

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October 28th, 2016

With more children expected to be on neighbourhood streets throughout B.C. this weekend attending parties and trick-or-treating on Monday, ICBC is asking drivers to slow down, be extra careful and expect the unexpected, especially on residential roads.

On Halloween, an average of 330 people are injured in 920 crashes across the province including 40 people who are injured in 110 crashes on Halloween in the Southern Interior.

Tips for Drivers:

  • Don’t get spooked: Children may be difficult to see while trick-or-treating. They may be walking in unexpected places like driveways, alleys and parking lots. Others may try to cross in the middle of the street. Make sure there are no small children behind your vehicle by walking around it before getting in. Drive slowly and with extra caution, particularly in residential areas.

  • Be frightened by your phone: Distracted driving is one of the main causes of crashes with pedestrians. With so many children on the road on Halloween night, stay alert and remember to leave the phone alone so that you can focus on driving. 

  • Plan for a safe ride home: If your Halloween celebrations involve alcohol, make a plan before you head out. Arrange for a designated driver or use other options to get home safely – call a taxi, take transit or call a sober friend.

Tips for Trick-or-treaters:

  • Be bright, be seen: Halloween is about putting on spooky outfits – but that often involves dark colours. A good solution is to add reflective tape to the outfit or even to children’s shoes or bags to help them stand out against the dark road.

  • The best ghouls see everything: If kids are wearing masks as part of their Halloween costume, make sure they don’t hinder your child’s ability to see what’s going on around them. Put the mask over your own face to check the visibility and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Gone haunting: If your kids are heading out for some trick-or-treating fun without you, help them plan a safe route ahead of time. Consider a route that takes them through a quiet residential area away from busy main roads and parking lots. Remind them to cross streets at designated crossing points.

  • The best ghouls hear everything too: As adults, we know that hearing is just as important as seeing when it comes to safety around roads. Remind your children not to use their cellphone or listen to their iPod.

  • Safety in numbers: If you’re taking your children trick-or-treating, walk in groups to help drivers and others see you and your children. Make sure you have an appropriate number of adults to accompany the children.

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