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Nelson Neptunes BCSSA Results

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
August 23rd, 2016

The Nelson Neptunes took a core group of swimmers to the BC Summer Swim Association Championships this past weekend in Coquitlam.

Here is a capsule look at the Neptune Results:


Kallie Badry
100m Individual Medley,14th
50m Butterfly, 19th
50m Backstroke, 12th
50m Breaststroke, 20th

Keira Badry
50m Backstroke, 23rd
100m Freestyle, 24th

Imogen Cowan
100m Individual Medley, 21st
50m Freestyle, 21st
50m Backstroke, 17th

Ella Chouinard
100IM,  22nd
50m Backstroke, 21st
100m Freestyle, 23rd

Evan Chouinard
50m Freestyle, 23rd
50m Breaststroke, 22nd
100m Freestyle, 22nd

Elissa Centrone
200m Individual Medley, 24th
50m Freestyle, 23rd
100m Breaststroke, 24th

Olivia Cowan
200m Individual Medley, 9th
50m Freestyle, 11th
100m Backstroke, 8th
100m Freestyle, 11th

Cynthia Pfeiffer
200m Individual Medley, 10th
50m Freestyle, 10th
100m Backstroke, bronze medal

Lachlan Bibby-Fox
100m Individual Medley, bronze medal
50m Butterfly, 6th
50m Backstroke, 6th
50m Breaststroke, silver medal

Enna Cowan
50m Butterfly, 24th

Morgan Robterson-Weir
50m Butterfly, 22nd
50m Breaststroke, 23rd

Joanna Blishen
100m Butterfly, 24th
100m Breaststroke, 24th

Jaylen Rushton
100m Individual Medley, 2nd
50m Freestyle, bronze medal
50m Butterfly, bronze medal
50m Breaststroke, 4th


4x50m Medley Relay Division 3 Girls, 12th (Ella Chouinard, Morgan Robertson-Weir, Imogen Cowan, Enna Cowan)

4x50m Medley Relay Division 8 Girls, 8th (Cynthia Pfeiffer, Jaylen Rushton, Olivia Cowan, Joanna Blishen)

4x50m Freestyle Relay Division 3 Girls, 13th (Ella Chouinard, Morgan Robertson-Weir, Imogen Cowan, Enna Cowan)

4x50m Freestyle Relay Division 6 Girls, 12th (Olivia Cowan, Elissa Centrone, Joanna Blishen, Jaylen Rushton)

4x50m Freestyle Relay Division 8 Girls, 12th (Cynthia Pfeiffer, Elissa Centrone, Kallie Badry, Keira Badry)

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