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Kaslo Jazz Festival lands Rising Appalachia

By Contributor
July 26th, 2016

The Kaslo Jazz Festival has lined up some amazing acts for the 2016 event — none bigger than Rising Appalachia.

Rising Appalachia is coming to Kaslo Jazz Festival for a show on the third day of the event — Sunday evening at 6 p.m. on the PB Pro Audio Floating Stage as part of its 2016 Summer Festival Tour.

After a short break following extensive touring across North American in the first halfof 2016 the band returns to the road to perform over half a dozen festivals on the summer circuit — including July 31 in Kaslo.

Rising Appalachia’s summer tour calendar also includes an assortment of venue performances in surrounding markets with astrong focus on the Pacific Northwest.

The band will wrap up their summer schedule with their return to Costa Rica for JungleCamp: A Tranformational Summer Camp For Adults at the world famous Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies – founded by Permaculture Design Expert and Envision Festival Co-founder Stephen Brooks.
Rising Appalachia brings to the stage a collection of sounds, stories, and songs steeped in tradition and a devotion to worldculture. Intertwining a deep reverence for folk music and a passion for justice, they have made it their life’s work to sing songs that speak to something ancient yet surging with relevance.

Whether playing at Red Rocks or in rail cars, at Italian street fairs or toBulgarian herbalists, this fiercely independent band has blazed a unique and colorful path across the globe. Eleven years into their movement Rising Appalachia believes that the roots of all these old songs are vital to our ever evolving soundscape.

Led by the collective voice of sisters Leah and Chloe, and joined by their beloved band – percussionist Biko Casini and bassist/ guitarist David Brown – Rising Appalachia is a melting pot of folk music. Simplistic, textured, songwriting with bloodline harmonies that only siblings can pull off. Listen for a tapestry of song, clawhammer banjo tunes, fiddle, double bass, acoustic guitar, djembe, barra, bodhran, spoken word, and a wealth of musical layering that will leave you called to action and lulled intorhythmic dance simultaneously.

The music of Rising Appalachia is both genre bending and familiar at the same time. Proudly bornand raised in the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia, sharpening their instincts in the mountains of Appalachia, and fine tuningtheir soul on the streets of New Orleans, Rising Appalachia have crafted a 6-album career from the dusts of their passion.

2016 has additionally seen the launch of Rising Appalachia’s newest project “The Slow Music Movement” – an effort to promotesustainable touring practices, bringing in local outreach to each event, reducing single-use waste at shows, sourcing farm-to-tablefood for backstage, and continuing to create and promote sustainable touring practices within the music industry. Leah explains:

“It’s our effort to take the glitz and glam out of the music industry and bring performance back to its roots – that of public service.A service where musicians are not just part of fast-paced entertainment world, but instead influence the cultural shift as troubadours, activists, story tellers, and catalysts of justice.”

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