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Barbaric Cultural Practices Cabaret

By Contributor
November 19th, 2015

The Oxygen Art Centre Fundraiser Cabaret has returned, with a theme to celebrate our new regime.

Now that the Harper Government has been defeated, we can indulge in all the Barbaric Cultural Practices, (i.e. ART) that we want.

  The Oxygen Art Centre is holding a Barbaric Cultural Practices Fundraising Cabaret to celebrate all cultural practices, barbaric or otherwise.

Hosted by the inimitable Steven the Art Star (aka Lucas Myers) this fundraiser will feature the talents of Nelson’s finest purveyors of culture including a healthy dose of a new generation of performing artists including Morgan Beck, Hayden Wasylyk, Alex D. McMahon, Tyler James and Graham Lingard, alongside Oxygen Cabaret Usual Suspects Bessie Wapp, Hiromoto Ida, Julie Johnson Murray, Krista Lynch, Lisa Menna and newcomers Lindsay Clague, Eva McKimm and Laurie Jarvis.

Featuring song, theatre, magic and dance, don’t miss this opportunity to sample the amazing talents that Nelson has to offer. 

This year the Cabaret is happening in conjunction with Blue Night, but it is a ticketed event, so be sure to pick up your ticket in advance at Eddy Music and help support the Oxygen Art Centre.


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