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Letter: Questioning the reasoning of the BC Premier

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
July 27th, 2015

To The Editor:

This week Premier Clark blamed climate change for wildfire increase in BC. 

She wants to impose “stiffer penalties” for those who cause them.

Will this apply to her government, whose support of LNG projects will lead to increased fossil fuel extraction?

The scientific journal Nature said that fossil fuel extraction must “fall to negligible levels by 2020, to avoid an increase beyond the 2 C that allows a livable planet”. 

Currently, we are headed for a catastrophic 5 C of warming.

When I expressed these concerns in a recent letter to Minister of Energy Bill Bennett he responded by saying the Government would not consider “temperance” with regards to fossil fuel extraction, but they will instead be escalating their production.

With clear indication that fossil fuels must stay in the ground, unbridled extraction under this government, and record-breaking temperatures, one wonders who’s fanning the flames.

Dona Grace-Campbell,

Kaslo, B.C.

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