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Missing hikers near Keremeos walk to safety after week lost in wilderness

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 29th, 2015

Two hikers missing in the backcountry near Cathedral Provincial Park outside Keremeos walked out of the wilderness to Search and Rescue teams Sunday at about 3:30 p.m.

Lynne Carmody and Rick Moynan shocked search teams when the couple, missing since June 22, walked into the arms of rescue crews.

Aproximately 17 members from search teams around the province, some as far away as Squamish, Prince George and Comox Valley, had been searching for the missing couple.

Carmody and Moyan, from Ontario in their mid-50’s, didn’t return to their vehicle after a day hike on June 22 to Glacier Lake in Cathedral Provincial Park, southwest of Keremeos.

Search teams said the couple spent several days in a drainage-valley, where they built a lean-to for shelter, kept hydrated while waiting for help to arrive.

Saturday night the couple said search crews were close enough they could see the ropes on the helicopters that were pulling people out of the search area.

Both Carmody and Moyan walked up the hill to the landing area, stunning the search crews.

The two will be taken to hospital as a precaution, but other than a few scrapes from falling were in good condition.

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