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Kalein Hospice Centre announces return of 'Death Cafe'

By Contributor
April 6th, 2015

Kalein Hospice Centre is delighted to announce the return of its popular “Death Cafe.”

Beginning this spring, a series of three cafes are scheduled for April 23rd, May 28th and June 25th.

Anyone is welcome to attend one, two, or all three.
Death Café” is part of an international movement started in 2011. There are nowover 500 registered cafes around the world. As the founder saw it,

“Western society has long outsourceddiscussions about death to doctors, nurses, priests and undertakers. The result is that we have lostcontrol of one of the most significant events we ever have to face.”

Shayla Wright and Sandi Leatherman, who co-facilitated the Death Cafes at Kalein last fall, are excited towelcome a third facilitator to the cafes this spring.

Rosalyn Grady is a local counsellor and funeralcelebrant who has been exploring multicultural approaches to being with death, grief and loss. Indescribing her experiences, Rosalyn comments that, “Looking into the face of death can breathe moremeaning into life, and our heart’s ability to expand in peace.”

“We knew there was a hunger in the community for the opportunity to have a meaningful conversationabout death, but we were still amazed at how quickly the cafes filled up,” says Sandi Leatherman.

“We expect that thespring series will, likewise, fill quickly.”

In describing what participants can expect at the cafe, Shayla shares that,

“These cafes are a warm andrespectful space, in which we can explore the many dimensions of what death is for each of us. I havebeen deeply moved to see and hear what people have discovered, and by what they have given to eachother, in this living conversation.

Leatherman adds, “That by slowing down and inviting a deeper listening, weopen ourselves to uncharted territory. In this space we can support one another to find the courage to staypresent to the tenderness, heartbreak, deep love, fear and gratitude, which are all part of this mystery oflife and death.
When asked about their time together at last fall’s Death Cafes, some of the participant comments included:

“I learned that listening is an “art”.

“I think by sitting with people who are willing and interested in exploring death, our culture can begin tochange in humble ways.”

“The setting and facilitation allowed for people to really open up. I was so surprised that people were so willing to share so deeply.”

“If I have trouble describing an experience to myself and instead have nothing but small floods of joy, ofthoughtfulness, of wanting to actually grow more courage to take a closer look…well, Death Cafe did that. Loved it. I’m coming back.”

The Death Cafes are limited to 35 participants. Participation is by donation, however, advanceregistration is required. To register or receive more information on Kalein’s spring Death Cafe series, please contact: or call 250-352-3331


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