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Hospital Foundation Spring Campaign Supports Surgical Services

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 24th, 2015

Since 1994, donors like yourself have donated $1,289,735.78 to keep the operating room at Kootenay Lake Hospital furnished with state of the art medical equipment. 

Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation is encouraging donors to dig deep once again as the foundation begins to fundraise for another vital piece of equipment for the OR – a new surgical table.

““The Surgical Table is the most important piece of equipment in the OR,” said OR nurse Sue Basek.

“It’s used for almost every procedure we perform, including obstetric, gynelogical and orthopaedic procedures.”

Thanks to donors, the Operating Room at Kootenay Lake Hospital as been able to perform orthopaedic surgeries such as knee arthroscopy, finger and hand surgeries, removal of plates and screws, carpal tunnel repairs and bunion surgeries. 

Other operations, in the OR that is used for 40 hours per week and 2,000 hours per year, include all obstetrical and gynaecologic surgeries such as c-sections, trial forcep/standby c-section deliveries, post partum haemorrhages, hysterectomies and all surgeries involving the female reproductive system and not to mention general surgeries such as hernia repairs and varicose vein surgery. 

“There are lots of technical details I could give you about why we in the OR are so excited about this new piece of equipment,” Basek explains.

“That it allows us to put patients in a Trendelburg, or head down position, as well as foot down and up positions and side to side positions.  That it adjusts up and down to accommodate the height of the different surgeons, and that the side bars allow for the attachment of accessories such as arm boards and stirrups. 

“Basically, this table is an essential piece of state of the art equipment that will make life easier and more efficient for the OR staff and the patients we treat.”

For more information about this campaign, or to make your secure donation online, please visit

The Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation is governed by a group of dedicated volunteers whose purpose is to raise funds for the medical needs of our community hospital.

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