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You can do that here! Podcast Episode 3 - How to be a successful serial entrepreneur with Amber Hayes

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
January 8th, 2015

Authors Note: The You can do that here! podcast is produced by Andrew Zwicker for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST). It is a weekly series of half hour conversations with the most innovative entrepreneurs in the West Kootenay. Each episode is full of advice, and learnings from those that have been there and done that successfully for the rest of us to learn from and be entertained by. You can listen to the full series for free by searching You can do that here in the iTunes store or by visiting


How many hats are you currently wearing at the moment? True entrepreneurs naturally see products, places or services that could be better, and ways to make them happen. Sometimes they see things that don’t exist at all yet to solve everyday problems and make life better. It’s true we all seem to be inflicted with the same disease of having a hard time saying no to a good idea, and often end up with our hands in a host of different entrepreneurial pies.

Taking an idea, launching it, growing it and nurturing it into something successful that both makes life better for your customers and makes you money is an addiction like few other. Indeed once you’ve taken the entrepreneurial leap into the unknown, and made it to the other side, you’ll want to do it again and again. Thus the birth of the Serial Entrepreneur.

Joining us for Episode 3 is just such a serial entrepreneur calling Rossland, BC home. Amber Hayes has been involved in the start-up of several companies including Adventure Engine, a leading provider of online adventure travel booking and reservation software. Along with her partner she took Adventure Engine all the way to the finals in the New Ventures BC contest several years ago and has gone on to new heights since. Following and in addition to that she has gone on to launch several other businesses including C3Pro and Lift Business Coaching. Amber has also used her vast array of contacts to help launch and coordinate KAST’s Mentorship and Business Assistance program, as well as taking the lead of the Basin Business Advisors program in The Kootenays.

Learn how Amber has taken her ideas, and turned them into winning businesses, again and again, all the while maintaining a balanced life as a serial entrepreneur.

7 Quick Hits with Amber Hayes

One app can’t live without is: Evernote

One book every entrepreneur should read: Jump the curve

One website I go to everyday:

The best part of being an entrepreneur is: The creativity

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is: The creativity

The best advice I’ve ever received was: Don’t go it alone

One quote that inspired me is: Don’t go it along


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