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Municipal speed-candidating comes to Creston in November

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October 19th, 2014

Speed Dating, anyone?

Let’s try speed-candidating instead.

On (Saturday) November 1, at 7 p.m., the doors of the Kootenay room at the Creston Rec Centre will open to the public for a new kind of election event called speed-candidating.

“It’s a type of event so new, you can’t even find it on Wikipedia”, laughed Kaitlin Viers, one of the organizers.

“All municipal candidates for Creston councillor and mayor and for RDCK area B director, will be invited to an evening of eye to eye contact with their voters.”

Candidates will talk with small groups of voters around a table for about 10 minutes, before they move on to the next.

This is repeated until all candidates have visited all the tables.

“This format is great for both sides” said Viers. “Voters will be able to ask their questions up close and personal, and candidates will get more public feedback in an hour and a half than they would get in a week of knocking on doors”.

The event, sponsored by Nelson-Creston Greens, is open to the public.

“This is a free public event for all the voters in our area. It’s important that we get to know just who’s running in our area, as local government has more direct impact on us than any other level of government.

#This is a great opportunity to directly question the people who will be making important decisions about taxation, public services, and the future of our area. Come check them out! Be sure you vote for the future you want.”

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