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Bikes not Pipelines ride goes Saturday in Nelson

By Contributor
June 10th, 2014

The federal government of Stephen Harper is supposed to announce its decision on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline some time in June.

To highlight our refusal to accept this dangerous project, Kootenays for a Pipeline-Free BC, and Kootenays for Non-Violent Direct action are holding a Critical Mass Bike Ride through Nelson on Saturday, (June 14).

“We want a clean energy future, not pipelines that will spoil our climate and endanger our coast,” says Margaret-Anne Murphy, one of the organizers.

“Bicycles are a fun and excellent way to show how we can make better choices for our future.”

The ride, showing opposition to bitumen pipelines, begins at noon Saturday, starting in the 800 Block of Baker Street.

Organizers are encouraging riders to bring their kids, bikes, noisemakers, music makers and costumes to have a great ride.

The route will take the cyclists through Nelson and wind up in Lakeside Park for a short rally with speeches and music.

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