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BC Liberals back track on Les appointment

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 13th, 2014

The BC Government did some back tracking Wednesday after the announcement of former B.C. Solicitor General, John Les would be co-chairing a new earthquake preparedness consultation.

Wednesday, in the Legislature, Premier Christy Clark announced the withdrawal of Les’s appointment saying it does not fit with the government’s plan to “control spending.”

Les would have pocketed $140,000 the consulting appointment.

BC NDP leader raised the issue in the Legislature Wednesday, but instead of getting a defence, Premier Clark rescinded the appointment.

Les was to co-chair the project with Henry Renteria, former director of California’s Office of Emergency Services.

The two were expected to report back by the end of the year with recommendations to improve B.C.’s ability to deal with a catastrophic earthquake.

Renteria will now head the new position alone.

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