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'Duncan Defenders' try to save old growth cedar stand from logging company

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
September 17th, 2013

A group of concerned citizens, going by the name of “Duncan Defenders” are locked in a battle to save the few remaining Old Growth trees in the Duncan River drainage in the North Kootenay region.

The cedar stand is located at 58-kilometre mark on the Duncan River Forest Service Road, approximately 90 kilometers north of Kaslo.

“We are trying to raise awareness about the imminent demise of the last remaining Old growth Cedars at 58km on the Duncan River Forest Service Road in the West Kootenay,” Gabriela Grabowsky said in an email to The Nelson Daily.

Grabowsky said Blue Ridge Land and Timber Management Ltd, which took over from Meadow Creek Cedar, has applied for a cutting permit for this small stand.

She said across the Duncan River at 59 kilometer the remaining old growth is said to be on the BC Timber Sales agenda in 10 years. 

“These stands provide an essential connective corridor for the animals that use them, the last one on the lower Duncan River and we want to see this protected now,” Grabowsky explains.

“There is a magical heritage trail with a beaver pond and the forest houses Bear dens, owls and ungulates as well as mushrooms and lichens.”

Grabowsky has sent a letter to the company forester in August but has yet to receive a response.

The letter was also sent to Kootenay Lake Forest District office.

“We are hoping for a sensible solution using public opinion and need the voices of all those similarly concerned to stand with us,” said Grabowsky.

“It seems that Old Growth all over BC is increasingly endangered by those seeking short term profits. These trees are in our backyard and we have to start somewhere.”

Grabowsky is urging the public to sign a petition at under “ BC Timber Sales Stop logging Old Growth.

The group is also on Facebook at

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