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Mystery novelist brings sensory sleuth to the Nelson Library

By Contributor
July 31st, 2013

Being nosey is a good thing for a sleuth; having almost super-hero powers when it comes to smell is a bonus. The main character in Glynis Whiting’s mystery novel A Nose for Death (Thistledown Press, 2013) has both attributes, and that makes for a great read. Whiting brings Dr. Joan “Nosey” Parker to the Nelson Public Library on Tuesday, August 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Chemist Joan Parker smells something fishy when she receives a surprise invitation to a high school reunion. She attends, only to become prime suspect in the murder of Roger Rimmer, a man with whom she has had more than a passing association.

When the only person who can explain why she was invited to the reunion is found dead, Joan turns her olfactory skills to the investigation. A Nose for Death won the Vancouver Mayor’s Award for Emerging Literary Artist.

Whiting has been writing professionally for over thirty years. Until recently, her focus has been writing, directing, and producing films, such as the award-winning documentaries Weight of the World and Worst Case Scenerio (National Film Board).

“Writing is a compulsion,” says Whiting, “I become totally immersed in research and I love figuring out what makes people tick. It’s so satisfying rolling these elements into fiction and watching complex characters emerge.”

Whiting is now working on the second of the Nosey Parker Murder Mysteries, celebrating a character with a new reputation as a serious crime-solver.

On the popular readers’ blog Goodreads, reviewer Thomas Lipinski writes, “Being a therapist, I found the psychological understanding of the characters to be quite outstanding. A Nose for Death was a “can’t put it down” type of book.”

Otter Books will be on hand with copies of Whiting’s novel.

Whiting’s reading launches the Library’s fall series of library events, which includes Rosebery author Andrea Wright’s new novel Greenstone Rising on August 29, bird expert and former City Councillor John Neville’s presentation on the calls of raptors on September 17, and Kate Bridger’s interior design workshop based on her book Nestbuilding on September 26.

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