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Local business honoured with St John Ambulance BC & Yukon Council Award

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March 4th, 2013

Safety and service were the watchwords last week as local business Live To Play Sports was presented with St John Ambulance’s (SJA’s) BC & YukonCouncil Award.

A prestigious accolade presented by the world’s longest-standing humanitarian organization, the BC & Yukon Council Award was offered Feb. 21 in a ceremony celebrating Live To Play Sports’ contribution of expertise and equipment in support of SJA’s Volunteer Bike Brigades.

“Since 2009, Live To Play Sports has supported St. John Ambulance by providing bicycle equipment to our bike teams for our various divisions throughout the province at a vendor’s price,” said SJA’s Laurence Cheng.

For readers unaware of the significance of bike brigades, they are highly-trained and well-equipped volunteer teams who attend community events offering free first aid services to facilitate some of the province’s mostexciting happenings.

Cheng said larger events, like marathons, parades, air shows and the like, can span many miles –the bikes allow for faster response times and transportation of supplies to ensure outstanding and efficient patient care.

“Due to the substantial cost reduction compared to MSRP, SJA divisions were able to take advantage of this and purchase high-end gear for our volunteers to use.

To date, Live To Play Sports has supplied 16 sets of gear to St. John Ambulance across the province.

“This means there are eight bike teams throughout the province which, without the assistance of Live To Play Sports, simply would not be possible.

“They’re special bikes –more like mountain bikes, that are lightweight and durable for carrying 40 to 45 pounds of equipment through crowds that wouldn’t easily accommodate a vehicle,” he said.

“And Live To Play Sports has taken that quality to the next level by outfitting the bikes with such quality equipment and accessories that we can go bouncing down gravel roads, or from grass to pavement and over curbs, without breaking or damaging anything en route.”

There are currently bike teams in Victoria, Tri-Cities, Maple Ridge, Comox, Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond.

“We couldn’t be providing this vital service without Live To Play Sports,” Cheng said.

“For a non-profit, community service organization like SJA, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of support from our business sector. Keeping our communities healthy and safe is a team effort, and we’re very grateful Live

To Play Sports continues to be such a key member of our team.”

St John Ambulance is the world’s longest-standing humanitarian organization and a registered non-profit, serving Canada for 130 years and setting the highest possible standard for first-aid and CPR services.

The 25 branches throughout B.C. deliver innovative training programs and products to save lives at work, home and play.

St. John Ambulance is dedicated to improving the health, safety and quality of lifeof Canadians through training and community service including our Volunteer Medical First Responder, Youth and Therapy Dog Programs.

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