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Celebrate learning: nominate your favorite book

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January 10th, 2013

If you thought learning was just about books and classrooms, it’s worth thinking again.

When your child figures out how to button her coat or tie her shoelace, that’s learning. When your teen masters standard transmission, that’s learning. And when you figure out a new recipe, that’s learning, too.

On January 27, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy and the Nelson Public Library celebrate Family Literacy Day with a new initiative and a few good thoughts about learning.

 It dovetails with B.C.’s literacy organization Decoda Literacy Solutions and ABC Life Literacy Canada’s celebration of informal learning (think: shoelace-tying) and non-formal learning (think: driving lesson).

In Nelson, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is all about non-formal learning through one-on-one tutoring and family literacy programming. CBAL and the Nelson Public Library are celebrating Family Literacy Day by celebrating reading—another way we can learn informally.

Nominate your favourite book for Nelson Reads, and celebrate learning.  Choose from the categories of children’s, young adult, and adult nonfiction or fiction. Nomination forms are available at the Library, the Learning Place, Otter Books, and the Nelson Star.

Nominations close on January 27—Family Literacy Day. You can share your faves, and you might win a bag of books!

CBAL and the Nelson Library have been partners in all kinds of learning for decades, from Project Literacy West Kootenay in the 1990s through hundreds of Mother Goose Programs, the Books Everywhere initiative (look for the free book bins around town) to CBAL’s development of the Learning Centre, located in the lower level at City Hall.

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