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Elephants and other adventures at SelfDesign High

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April 13th, 2012

A close encounter with a full-grown elephant changed the life of Dag Goering, veterinarian, photographer and founder of Hidden Places Travel.

While working as a volunteer vet in India, he was examining a baby elephant. “Its mother suddenly grabbed me with her trunk, pulled me close and stared me in the eye,” says Goering. “It was a magical moment. An epiphany.”
With his wife, author Maria Coffey, he set off on a quest to explore the world of elephants and find ways to help these amazing giants. In this stunning multi-media show Goering and Coffey share their adventurous journeys through India, SE Asia and Africa, and the discoveries that led them to establish an elephant conservation initiative, funded by Hidden Places.
Over the past year alone, Hidden Places has committed $10,000 to an array of grassroots elephant projects that Goering and Coffey have personally evaluated in Laos, Thailand and Kenya.

Their new Anti-Poaching Project is funding patrols in the Kirisia Hills of Northern Kenya where the killing of elephants for ivory is rampant. They raise funds through their presentations and the two percent  for Elephants Program whereby two percent of the price of every Hidden Places trip goes to elephant conservation.

Please join Dag and Maria for an evening of elephants and adventure Friday (April 13) at the The Commons Room, SelfDesign High, 402 Victoria Street, in Nelson.

Admission is by donation. Please note the evening contains some graphic images of poaching.

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