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LVR writers shine at Kootenay Literary Competition

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
January 17th, 2012

A handful of L.V. Rogers writers came away with more than just a few ribbons during Friday’s Kootenay Literary Competition awards night held at the Hume Hotel.

Grade 11 student Trilby Buck edged out classmate Kevin Milde for the overall prize in the Youth (Grades 10-120 competition.

Each entrant submitted the best pieces to the Kootenay Literary Competition in the fall.

Friday, the top writers were honoured for their work.

“This was a great year for the KLC . . . we had more entries than the competition,” said the Kootenay Literary Competition website. “The literary talent in the Kootenays really shined.”

Other LVR student participants included Tia Huttemann, Brynn Forsey, and Sarah Graeme.

Other winners included:

First: Martina Avis, The Louisiana Alligator Purchase
Second: Bill Macpherson, In Country

Creative non-fiction

First: Cricket Carroll, Keep Your Promises
Second: Kristen Sommerfeld, Reminisce with Me

First: Jordan Mounteer A tree planter’s journal
Honourable mention: Elena Banfield, Teleology

Emerging writer

First: Shelby Cain, Enter Chaos
Second: Cindy McCallum Miller, Chaos in the Kootenays

Youth Grades 7 to 9
First: Rebecca Bracewell, The Wooden Boy
Second: Gillian Wiley, Charlotte’s Scientific Belief

Youth Grades 10 to 12
First: Trilby Buck, Mrs. Shaw
Second: Kevin Milde, The Apotheosis of Man

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