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Eleven new members to provide advice to CBT

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 15th, 2011

Eleven new members have been added to the Columbia Basin Trust’s three advisory committees in its core areas of social, economic and environment.

One way CBT remains accountable to Basin residents is through the use of these committees, which provide advice on how CBT delivers benefits to the region.

“In order to help provide a lasting legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being, CBT needs to be aware of current issues and concerns in Basin communities,” said Neil Muth, CBT president and CEO. “Our advisory committees are one way to receive this input, plus we benefit from the members’ individual areas of expertise.”

The committees play an important role in providing community perspectives, sectoral expertise and strategic advice on CBT’s activities and priorities.

This advice may be particular to the committee’s core or program area, or more general in regard to CBT’s overall direction.

The committee’s advice is sought according to the vision and principles outlined in the Columbia Basin Management Plan.

CBT would like to acknowledge and welcome the following new members:

  • Social Advisory Committee: Mary DeVan, Lynn Mace, Susie Mayson, Dee McEachern and Keri Rinehart;
  • Economic Advisory Committee: Mike Cantle; and
  • Environment Advisory Committee: Theresa Ehman, Jayme Hadikin, James Maitre, Daniel Schneider and Ian Wiles.

CBT also has two program advisory groups that provide advice on youth and water initiatives. For a full list of advisory committee members, or more information about CBT’s advisory committees, visit:

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