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Finding spirit through Hip-Hop, contemporary and contact dance

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
August 10th, 2011

Dance Workshop by Mutya Macatumpag

@ Moving Center, 533 Baker St.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 2 pm

Mutya Macatumpag, the Artist-in-Residence at Oxygen Art Centre for August, will be offering a dance workshop at the Moving Center for children ages 8-14.

Workshop one:

Free Form Footwork

Finding spirit through Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Contact Dance.

The focal point of this workshop is to empower youth to find the dance born inside them.

The components of this workshop include:

  • Spirit – checking into the space, using breath to catalyze a soft power in the movement
  • Hip-hop – creating awareness of time, tempo and riding the beat with our feet
  • Contemporary/Contact Dance – preparing the body to engage with our first partner, the floor, by following along with fluid ground sequences

The spin off to the first workshop, if participating youth/adults are inclined to go deeper into the work or to experience where dance can go.

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