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Guitar night: An evening with Don Ross and Brooke Miller @ The Capitol Theatre

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
May 26th, 2011

Guitar night: An evening with Don Ross and Brooke Miller

@ The Capitol Theatre, Saturday, May 28, 8 p.m.

  • Tickets: all seats $20

Don Ross is one of today’s true innovators of guitar composition and technique.

He has emerged as one of the most respected musicians in Canada and one of the top guitarists in the world.

In September 1996, he managed to do what no other player has done: win the prestigious U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship for the second time (he first won in 1988).

The competition, held yearly in Winfield, Kan., cannot be won only with immaculate technique, but the player’s music must also display a high degree of emotion and intensity — hallmarks of Don’s style.

Brooke Miller recorded her CD You Can See Everything in an unusual setting, with great musicians, chief among whom is her husband and partner in crime, Don Ross, an award-winning fingerpicker and recording artist highly respected in acoustic music circles for the last two decades.

You Can See Everything sounds so intimately directed to him, she might be whispering in his ear.

“That was the first `I love you’ kind of song I’d ever written,” she admits. “This song embodied my entire spirits being lifted by this person’s love and everyone should be able to experience a love like that in their life and aren’t we lucky to have something like this.

“So that’s what that song is about. It was absolutely for my husband. I was basically thanking Don for such good, true love. Just that feeling that things seem really clear at times if you know that your heart is safe.”


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