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Rough ride for Mount Sentinel at UBC/O Tournament

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
October 14th, 2010

By Bruce Fuhr,
The Nelson Daily Sports

The Mount Sentinel Wildcats took it on the chin at the UBC/O High School Girl’s Volleyball Tournament Saturday in Kelowna.

The Cats finished in the bottom half of the 50-team tournament, dropping five of six matches in the process.

“Not really sure what happened, but we just didn’t play well (compared to last weekend) and the only explanation that makes some sense is that we are a very young team (5 grade 10’s),” said coach Joe Moreira.

“On a positive note we did play good teams –not great teams – and we did extend a few matches to three sets, but for the most part it was very difficult to recognize the team on the floor.”

“Same uniforms as last week but very different play,” Moreira added.

The Cats started the weekend getting swept in two games by South Kamloops. Next up, Correlieu from Quesnel. The same result, just in this match Mount Sentinel was able to take a game, losing 2-1.
Princess Margaret of Penticton they defeated the Cats in straight games 2-0 before NorKam of Kelowna outlasted Mount Sentinel 2-1.

“This was the crossover (game) and it kind of stung because we lost 16-14 in the third,” Moreira said.

Vernon made it five straight losses for the Wildcats, beating the Kootenay squad 2-1. Moreira’s squad managed to finally win a match, dumping G.W. Graham of Chilliwack 2-0.

“On another positive note, we are back in Kelowna at Best of West tournament (Friday),” Moreira explained.

“This event is very much like the UBC-O tournament – lots of teams and some very strong teams. We clearly hope to be more competitive.”

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