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RDCK calls for return of long form census

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
October 16th, 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

The long arm of the regional district board has given its support to the return of the long form of Census Canada, over two months after the federal government moved to replace it with a voluntary survey next year.

Nelson director on the Regional District of Central Kootenay board, John Dooley, had urged the board to ratify the position the City of Cranbrook had taken in support of keeping the long form, and to petition the federal government to reinstate it.

Area G director and Federation of Canadian Municipalities president, Hans Cunningham, said there were several other organizations — like the Union of BC Municipalities — that had long ago voiced their desire to see a return of the long form.

Adding the Regional District of Central Kootenay voice to the mix at a late date would not sway a decision at the federal level, Cunningham said.

“But I don’t think this hurts to have another government organization write to let them know where we stand,” asked Area D director Andy Shadrack.

The letter sent will outline that, without the information from the long form, municipalities would have a key piece of information missing for planning and development.

In July, the Conservative cabinet decided to replace the mandatory long census with a voluntary survey. Industry Minister Tony Clement said the decision was based on the fact some Canadians found the mandatory process “coercive” and the detailed questions intrusive.

That same month, the head of Statistics Canada called it quits over the decision to scrap the long-form census. The complaints of chief statistician Munir Sheikh were joined by voices from the Canadian Medical Association and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.



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