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Read, Arthur Edward

(July 25th, 2022)

Arthur Edward Read was born in Edmonton, Alberta on May 1st, 1947. On July 25, 2022, in Nelson, British Columbia, he lost his battle with cancer.

He is survived by the one he says he let get away, Rosie, his sons, Joey, Chad (Lisa), and Evan, their children, and his daughters, Kim, Jody (Eric), Cindy (Rande), Ralene, and Tamara, and their children as well as his brother Thomas, his son and his sister Patricia, and her girls.

He had his shares of pains, gave a little, and received a lot. Yet, always found it in his heart to love, even when it may not have been in his best interest.

Arthur worked for many years on oil rigs and as a human relations coordinator at the Salvation Army in Calgary. He also received training in culinary arts because of his love for food and eating healthy. You could also say Art was a water baby, and truly loved swimming, traveling, and reading. He had a presence about him, a smile so great it lit up a room and an amazing laugh, that was so loud, he often got carried away slapping his knee in conjunction, but also so genuine you couldn’t help yourself and laugh along with him, a big-hearted man, truly unlike anyone else. Current events were incredibly vital to him, he would sit at Denny’s restaurant drink coffee, and read front to back all (3) of his favorite newspapers, and he went out of his way to find prints not being keen on the online versions. He always said, “the news is important” stating “you should stay up on current events” and he sure did. His kids poked fun at him for this, making jokes that he was “full of useless knowledge” but in his defense, that knowledge proved to be useful because he was the go-to guy because he could tell you just about anything, on just about any topic, and would have a proven answer to your questions, validating his “current event” knowledge pursuits.

He was a handsome man who took great pride in his appearance, especially his hair, to the point of it taking his girls years to convince him to cut it off and “go short” he believed if he cut it off then he would lose the attention and comments about how beautiful it was, and he loved that…but it sure didn’t take long realizing that was false thinking ha-ha! Anyone who knew Arthur knew he loved his family, always telling his kids how much he loved them, and how proud of them he was. Obsessed with babies, if he could have a 100, he would have. Arthur had a tradition when meeting his grandchildren for the first time, “smelling them” especially their necks, and feet, with kisses to the point of making them cry, and then quickly handing them back lol. But he adored the smell of a brand-new baby and appreciated how completely dependent they were so helpless and innocent. Arthur was a kind man, who had a huge heart, emotional, and was unafraid to share it.

A humanitarian, believing that we had a social responsibility to one another, and that knowledge was the power, enabling personal growth. He used to say during moments of struggles or conflict, not to hold onto anger and that it’s okay, everyone has a story, and that most people can’t help the way they are, his reasoning was, stating that “you only know what you know, the time that you know it” and that’s when you can do better. So, Dad, rest in peace now, and we thank you because you did better!

Arthur’s final wish is to have his ashes spread over the graves of his mother Alice, his father Thomas, and his brother Cyril. Please join us in celebrating his time with us by visiting the family register at and sharing your favorite memory of him.

In lieu of flowers, a small donation to the Salvation Army in memory of Arthur Read would be appreciated. It was a place of great importance to him, as it is to most. Use the link below once it opens click on the give in honor of a loved one tab. or call 1-800-Sal-Army (725-2769).

We loved him, and he loved us right back, and when you miss him, know that he would say, “Just whisper my name in your heart look to the stars and I will be there.”


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