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Maida, Albert

  Print Obituary Albert was born on a homestead in Fife, BC into a family that valued pioneering in the truest sense of the word. After attending UBC for 2 years, he settled in Nelson, BC and helped establish a successful Crown Life Agency. Conscious of social responsibilities, he was involved in many facets of community life. He actively participated in the community by serving as an Alderman for four years. In addition, he also contributed to local organizations – Rotary Club, Elk Lodge, Canadian Italian Society, and Hockey Booster Club (1954) – and fundraised for the National Ski Team. Furthermore, he began the first “Chako Mika” (i.e. logging and mining competitions), a nod to his love of spending time outdoors. Among his favorite outdoor activities, he hunted, fished and explored Nature by trekking through the “bush” at the family homestead at Fife. Albert found that the foremost accomplishment in his life was helping his friends, family, and neighbours, and witnessing them succeed and thrive. He selfless nature is represented in his efforts to assist many new Canadians to settle in Nelson. He acted as translator, income tax specialist, legal advisor, letter writer, driving instructor, and on occasion, marriage counselor. At the end of the day, he was happiest sitting around the kitchen table partaking in the presence of family and friends. Albert is survived by his wife, Joyce, daughter, Elaine(Ross), grandson, Shane, cousins Gino Maida and Connie Arabea, and their families, and many other family members & friends throughout BC. Margaret Howe is a special friend of the family. Albert lived one motto: “no use to be cry, gotta be go” This translated into “ Don’t sit around and mope, there is plenty of work to be done.” He will be missed, loved, and never forgotten.

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