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Man attacked by Grizzly Bear near Elkford

By Contributor
May 17th, 2024

Thursday afternoon (May 16) at approximately 3 p.m., Elk Valley Regional RCMP responded to a report of a bear attack just south of Elkford on a steep mountain side near the Industrial Park to the west of Highway 43.

RCMP said that two local men had been tracking a black bear with dogs when a 36-year-old Sparwood resident was attacked suddenly by an adult grizzly bear.

Police said that the man suffered numerous injuries, including broken bones and lacerations to his body during the attack but was able to defend himself with his firearm and the bear ran off.

RCMP said that the other man, his father, called for help.

Elkford Fire Department, BC Ambulance, RCMP, Conservation officers and local SAR teams all attended to assist with the rescue effort.

SAR was able to coordinate a helicopter long line lift response and this was completed after moving the injured man approximately 200 metres down the mountain side to make the long line rescue possible.

Police said Highway 43 had been closed for a short time while consideration was given to a landing spot for the air ambulance.

The man was flown to a nearby helipad in Elkford, where STARS air ambulance was waiting to take him to Calgary Foothills Hospital. He was in stable condition leaving the scene.

All remaining personnel was able to exit the location without other contact with the animal, which remained at large.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service then sent a team up the mountain side in an attempt to locate the possibly injured animal.

Shortly after 9 p.m., Conservation indicated they had found the bear deceased near the original scene.

Elk Valley Regional RCMP wish to express their appreciation for the hard working people and volunteers who responded and worked together to bring the injured man down the mountain.

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