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Allison Girvan leads by example on Nelson's musical scene

December 13th, 2023

Singer, choral director, interdisciplinary artist, educator, and arts organizer Allison Girvan has been leading Nelson’s vibrant musical scene for the last 27 years.

She was Nelson’s Cultural Ambassador in 2019.

“A lot of what I choose to do as my artistic expression has to do with presenting things that step outside of the boundaries of simply vocal music,” says Girvan.

Girvan is inspired by themes like identity, belonging, and connecting to nature. Her work broaches pressing themes like the climate crisis using a hopeful approach.

Girvan works at the Capitol Theatre doing community arts organizing, teaches music at Selkirk College, and is working on increasing equity and access in the arts.

Learn more about Girvan’s inspiration as The Nelson Daily reporter Ari Lord writes about the lifelong musical journey here in the Hall Printing Daily Dose.

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