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Letter: Local misinformation campaign stalls climate resilience in RDCK

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
April 24th, 2023

To The Editor:

A small group of people seem bent on hijacking the RDCK climate plan. It is unclear why — the plan is clearly designed to make life easier for rural residents facing the uncertainties of our changing climate. The plan includes no new bylaws or taxation, and it builds on existing programs that are already in the works. So why all the fuss?

A misinformation campaign has been launched by a small group of residents who are spreading misleading to flat-out false statements about the plan. It was disturbing to hear voices in support of the plan being drowned out at the last RDCK board meeting by rude interruptions. Sadly, the result of all this poorly informed fear-mongering has been to postpone the plan for 4 more months.

Climate disruption is here, and we are seeing ever more extreme weather events – heat domes, flooding, landslides, intense storms, and devastating wildfires. British Columbians are already suffering from these impacts – from loss of loved ones to loss of homes and livelihoods. To see what is expected in our area in future decades, see

We can prepare for these changes and encourage community resilience, or we can remain unprepared and pay a high price in damages.

The RDCK climate plan includes many actions that can build our resilience in the face of these climate disruptions, from improved water and fire management, to encouraging local farming. The plan will also improve our energy security as the more extreme weather events cause more frequent power outages.

Our youth are very anxious about their future, as are many of the rest of us. We all need to do what we can to protect ourselves and our community from climate impacts, and do our fair share along with the rest of the world as we transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. This plan helps us do that, while making sure we protect the most vulnerable along the way.

Please be informed, read the plan, and watch for positive ways to participate in upcoming public consultations. We know that most of you understand that climate change is a real and urgent issue. Our regional directors need to hear your voices, too.

Laura Sacks, Glade, BC

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