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Panto returns to Capitol Theatre with The Pied Piper of Nelsondorf

Ari Lord
By Ari Lord
November 30th, 2022

The Pied Piper of Nelsondorf is ready to get Panto back on the stage of the Capitol Theatre.

After a COVID-19 hiatus, The Pied Piper of Nelsondorf is ready to open from December 1st to 4th at the Capitol Theatre and marks the theatre’s 33rd Annual Pantomime, the holiday fundraiser.  

Kyla Hurst, the costumer for the show and theatre box office staff says to expect.

“Lots of singing and dancing and audience participation, and all the usual Panto shoutouts,” Hurst explains on the eve of opening night.

The show, written and directed by Laurie Jarvis, features a gang at “Nelsondorf’s” premier Kombucha club for mystery, hijinks, song and dance in.

“It takes place in a Kombucha club, and there is a rather scheming, money-grabbing landlord mortgage holder who is using the rats to try and shut down the club so he can take it over as they won’t be able to pay their mortgage,” says Hurst.

“The pied piper comes along and saves the day with his wonderful flute playing.”

Read more about the Capitol Theatre’s 33rd Annual Pantomime in the Hall Printing Daily Dose.


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