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Letter: Leafs dealing with issues at Recycling Centre

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
August 25th, 2022

To The Editor:

In recent weeks there has been a gathering of homeless people behind the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre near Cottonwood Falls Park.  This has resulted in a dangerous and unsightly mess consisting of garbage, used needles and human waste. 

Management of the Recycling Centre has taken this matter most seriously and has hired services specializing in bio-hazard clean-up at the cost of the Recycling Centre as we refuse to expose our employees to this risk.

The Nelson City Police are aware of the situation and have attended the area on several occasions but cannot be there 24/7.

Management has approached the persons involved however they are often confrontational and we do not want any of our people to become physically involved at any level.

The Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre is wholly owned by the Nelson Leafs Hockey Society. 

We do our best to provide a valuable service to the community including payment for returnables and collection of household hazardous waste along with many other recyclable materials. 

We are a significant employer in the City of Nelson and pay our share of taxes at every level.

Our purpose in writing this is to let the public know that we are aware of the situation and are doing everything possible to deal with an acceptable resolution while retaining normal business services and operations.  And of course, this is all happening at our busiest time of the year. 

All the directors are Nelson people who understand and have compassion for homelessness and addiction issues in our community.

We seek your patience and forbearance along with any help and/or positive suggestions you may have.

The Directors, Nelson Leafs Hockey Society

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