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Letter: Organic waste pilot project

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
June 23rd, 2022

To The Editor:


Hello Nelson Mayor/Council:


In 1994 I sent Nelson’s Mayor (Dave Elliot) and council information from Guelph, Ontario, Canada’s first city to have organic waste pickup to compost at a city run compost site.


I hoped the city and regional politicians would realize the importance of preventing methane release from organic waste buried at landfills and begin the infrastructure to properly compost household organic waste. 


Finally the RDCK has a compost site proposed but the city (as I understand) is not interested in household pickup of organic waste but is going to provide each household with a device to reduce organic waste.


I was told by Nelson councillor Keith Page and read an article in (local media) about a pilot project in Nelson to test the use of the device in Nelson households this spring.


What is happening with this pilot project?


And is there a plan B if the device turns out to be a failure?


Thanks for your attention to this important matter.      


Tom Prior, Nelson, BC



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