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Free presentation of Homecoming 2020 at the Capitol Theatre

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June 7th, 2022

Like most performing artists, Hiromoto Ida has had a period of absence from the stage but he has used the solitude as an opportunity for creation and the Capitol Theatre is delighted to be able to present the result as a free, community event.

Supported by “Made in BC Dance on Tour” through the Vancouver Foundation Digital Projects Fund, Ida has produced a solo dance piece called, “Homecoming 2020”, that is a love letter to his mother, an exploration of belonging and a manifestation of the nature of cycle.

“It was a challenge to make something all on my own,” he says referring to his accomplishment of not only creating the dance but also the beautifully imaginative

soundtrack to the movement, “but it was also the way I was able to make something both incredibly personal and at the same time something with universal themes.”

Ida was named Nelson’s Official Cultural Ambassador in 2012 and this presentation is part of the Capitol Theatre’s innovative season of programming which has included a

series of performances by several who hold that title as well as other local artists and is appropriately named the “Homegrown Series”.

Ida is no stranger to stage presentation but has recently been busy in the film industry working on a remake of “Shogun” set to premiere on the FX network. When asked about

the difference between film and stage work, Hiro compares it to the world of food.

“Working in film feels like being a part of a big, popular restaurant chain – you work at your part, your specific job, but you don’t connect with the other people making the other parts. You don’t get to see the big picture. When I work on stage it is like being the owner of my own restaurant – I can take pride in every detail.”

Which does he prefer? He sees the merit and appreciates the challenge of both but did offer, “It’s nice to have your own restaurant where you know the flavour of everything.”

“Homecoming 2020” will be performed at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday, June 11th at 7:30 pm. You can book your free tickets by visiting or calling the Capitol Theatre box office (opening hours 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 250-354-6363) or make an online booking at

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