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Local heroes recognized by Nelson Police Board

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
May 12th, 2022

In many communities there are individuals who go over and above the call of duty to make their respective city, including the Heritage City, a special place to live.

Recently, during a Commendation Ceremony at the Hume Hotel, Nelson Police Board recognized some of those individuals who didn’t think twice to assist during a dangerous incident as well as members of the department performing their job to keep the public safe.

Some of the awards presented during the ceremony included the Nelson Police Board Commendations to Stephen Fowler, Neil Pretty, Shazad Shah, Niomi Starpires and Kyle Chernenkoff; Police Board Certificate of Appreciation to for RCMP member Bill Andreaschuk and the Scanlon Family at Western Auto Wreckers; and police members commendations to Cst. Shawn Zukowski, Cst. Alain Therrien, Cst. Lisa Schmidtke, Cst. Drew Hildred, Cst. Rob Armstrong, Cst. Adam Sutherland, Staff Sgt. Brian Weber and Sgt. Dan Markevich.

Nelson Police Board Commendation

Stephen Fowler, Neil Pretty, Shazad Shah and Niomi Starpires — for willingness to take lifesaving action

It was a warn late summer evening on Baker Street in Nelson — September 19, 2019, at approximately 5:20 p.m. — when an armed female with a large hunting knife began attacking a citizen in the 400 block.

As the victim cried out, several people near the incident, including Shazad Shaw, Stephen Fowler and Neil Pretty, unselfishly put themselves at risk to help the victim.

These individuals, putting themselves in danger, combined to subdue the suspect before providing aid to the victim.

This action not only successfully stopped the attack but held the attacker and tended to the victim until help could arrive.

Nelson Police Board Commendation

Kyle Chernenkoff — for willingness to take lifesaving action

On June 5, 2018, Kyle Chernenkoff was walking along the 600 block of Baker Street in Nelson when he happened upon a man sitting on the ground with another person on a cell phone.

The person on the cell phone told Chernenkoff the man had been assaulted.

Having just finished taking a First Responders Course, Chernenkoff began assisting the man in distress.

Within moments, Chernenkoff  noticed the man had stopped breathing and a pulse could not be found.

Chernenkoff began performing CPR on the man, continuing until first responders arrived.

Unfortunately, the man passed away days later but, due to the actions taken by Chernenkoff, the man’s life was prolonged enough for family to see him one last time and fulfill his wishes of being an organ donor which benefited many others.

Nelson Police Board member Am Naqvi and Nelson Mayor John Dooley present Kyle Chernenkoff with the Board Commendation for willingness to take lifesaving action.

Chief Constable’s Commendation of Valour

Cst. Alain Therrien — for bravery, good judgement and valour

On October 10, 2019 Cst Therrien, who was assigned to the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit at the time, responded to a shot’s fired call near Argenta, north of Kaslo.

After arriving on scene, Cst Therrien heard gun shots and observed an RCMP officer walking in a slightly hunched over manner.

Cst Therrien observed that the officer had been shot in the arm by an unknown person. 

Cst Therrien assisted the injured officer who was showing signs of going into shock, stayeing with the injured officer and offering protection before safely moving the member to a safe location.

While gunshots were still being heard Cst Therrien arranged for a police patrol truck to pick up the injured officer and move him to where he could be helped by paramedics. 

Cst Therrien then assisted other members in securing the area until reinforcements could arrive.

Chief Constable’s Commendation

Cst. Shawn Zukowski — demonstrating judgment, dedication, or integrity in the performance of duty

During his time as a Beat Officer on Baker Street for Nelson Police, Cst. Shawn Zukowski has done an exemplary job providing the face of the department to many people in this community.

Cst. Zukowski, using strong communication skills and a relationship building with patience and empathy for Nelson citizens, has been able to create a safe environment for shoppers and businesses in the downtown core of Nelson.

Alexa Awards

Cst. Lisa Schmidtke, Cst. Alain Therrien, and Cst. Drew Hildred

The Alexa’s Team program was formed in 2008 the year Alexa Middelaer was killed by an impaired driver in Delta. The Alexa’s Team recognizes dedicated police officers across British Columbia who diligently work to reduce the number of drivers affected by alcohol or drugs on BC’s roads.

To be considered for Alexa’s Team, an officer must remove a minimum of 12 drivers from the road by way of a 24-hour prohibition, Immediate Roadside Prohibition, Administrative Driving Prohibition, Drug Recognition Evaluation or Criminal Code investigation in once year.

Nelson Police Board Certificate of Appreciation

Retired Cst. Bill Andreaschuk for Nelson Police Department Fishing Derby

Bill Andreaschuk was RCMP member from 1974-1999 and a NPD Member from 2000-2016.

He organized and ran the NPD Fishing Derby over many years will all of the proceeds being donated. He volunteered his time to raise thousands of dollars for the Kokanee Creek Interpretive Centre. Money raised for the various youth programs such as Jerry’s Rangers and the Kokanee Salmon School program.

Nelson Police Board Certificate of Appreciation

Western Auto Wreckers, Scanlon Family for Commitment to Community

Western Auto has been operating for over 50 years serving Nelson and the Nelson Police Department with Clint And Corey Scanlon carrying on the family business.

Deputy Chief Constable ‘s Commendation

Staff Sgt Brian Weber, Sgt Dan Markevich, Cst. Lisa Schmidtke, Cst. Adam Sutherland and Cst. Rob Armstrong

For outstanding performance in relation to a single investigation, operation, or incident where there was minimal to moderate risk or exposure to actual or anticipated danger.

Nelson Police Staff Sgt. Brian Weber and Mayor John Dooley present Corey and Clint Scanlon of Western Auto Wreckers with the Nelson Police Board Certificate of Appreciation.

Cst. Lisa Schmidtke receives the Alexa Award from Nelson Police Board member Am Naqvi and Nelson Mayor John Dooley.

Cst. Shawn Zukowski receives the Chief Constable’s Commendation from NPD Chief Donovan Fisher.

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